1200 Clock Hours (60 Weeks/15 Months PT, 40 Weeks/10.5 Months FT)


Program Description

The program gives the student instruction in the following areas, Manicure, Pedicure, Chemical Waving & Relaxing, Hair Shaping, Hair & Scalp Treatment, Hair Coloring, Shampoo & Rinse, Hair Setting, Facial Make-up, and Hair Removal. Upon successful completion of the program hours, clinical service, and final examination, the student will receive a certificate of completion and will be registered with the State Board of Exam.

Program Objective

The primary objective of the Cosmetology curriculum is to prepare the student for the state licensing examination to become a licensed cosmetologist. A licensed Cosmetologist’s has many opportunities available to them, such examples include, working in a Beauty Salon, Resort Hotels or even owning their own salon. To be admitted one must have or acquire a high school diploma, or GED.

Career Opportunities

Professional Stylist

Independent Contractor

Product Representative

Salon Owner




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